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Amin is the Founder and CEO of Muve Music Media. He started the company in a room in his own home. As an artist, he realized the need to create affordable yet great music, photography and video services for the indie and professional creators of the world. He took it upon himself to master his talents in these areas by perfecting his artistry in photography as well as video and music producing. Once Muve Music started to grow, Amin hired a dedicated team of professionals to help him see his vision of providing high-quality media at a fair price so that everyone in need of services can afford to build their brand. Mahmoud is the Chief Operating Officer of Muve Music Media. He has over 15 years experience in Operations Management. He has worked with ABC, FOX, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, EPA, and has also worked as a Media Manager for over 10 years in the entertainment industry. With his eclectic background and expertise, Mahmoud is sure to position the Muve Music brand as one of the most prominent media agencies. Rita is the Chief Marketing Officer of Muve Music Media and has over 10 years experience in media and film production as well as marketing. Rita has her BA in English literature from The University of Michigan, and her MA in Media Arts and Production from the Long Island University. Rita currently works in Private banking but plans to take her business savvy ways along with her creative abilities to build the ArtIsLife brand. Avian has a Financial Manager background in the Retail Banking Industry. Moving to New York City was an aspiration turned reality after receiving a Bachelors degree while studying in Atlanta, Georgia. After managing for a major financial institution in the heart of NYC for several years, Avian has been named Chief Financial Officer of Muve Music Media. She will use her financial skills to build this brand into a prosperous company. Preston Hannah is one of the lead photographers & Videographers with Muve Music Media. His humble beginnings started when he received a camera as a gift and began taking photos of his young children in order to capture them in the moment to tell their story. Since then, photography has been a passion and a creative fulfillment. Preston loves taking pictures that capture the essence of beauty inside and out. He has a diverse clientele and finds joy working with others to tell their story and works to create art that captures the essence of their life in that moment. Preston also strives to capture the emotion and beauty of each session he has with his clients. His enthusiasm for photography has led him to become highly sought out for a multitude of professional and personal engagements shoots. Frank Chukwuelue is a Co-Founder of Apps Haven, a software consulting firm that was founded in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria in 2012. He partnered with Muve Music Media to re-invent the digital experience and refurbish the web portal. He also develops progressive web and mobile apps and has over 11 years experience in the software development industry. While working and mentoring in Sub Saharan Africa he also partnered with big technology companies like Google and Microsoft.

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